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Pink Flamingo started their wedding department as a response to a request from so many people to have a wedding they felt they had control over. Over and over agian we heard the phrases 'we just wanted a simple wedding', one without the hundreds of guests, without the massive venue, one without the feeling that you were just a minor player in a huge production and somewhere along the way it had all stopped being about you and your wedding, and became about the event. 

At Pink Flamingo Weddings, we do not lose sight of the fact that this day is about two people. Just the two of you. Everything else is extraneous. It's your journey to happily ever after, and if your vision, and your happily ever after does not fit into the traditional wedding genre we are here to help you make your personal dream come true. 

We specialise in small bespoke weddings, made to order, to fit into that dream, and more importantly, your budget. We like nothing better than to hunt for different and unique venues for weddings, and create the perfect day. 

One of our specialities are Airbnb weddings. There are beautiful venues available for hire for weddings, and often large enough for your bridal party to stay at the venue. An Airbnb wedding is a great way of making sure your wedding remains intimate with just those few very important people sharing your day. This is a perfect option for Second Time around weddings. 

Destination weddings are another way to go, and again a destination wedding limits your guest list. Which again makes the focus on you and your day, and your happily ever after. 

If your dream is to have a small intimate wedding, tailor made to suit you two, made to measure, to create memories to see you off on your lifetime journey, then Pink Flamingo Weddings are the people to help you attain this dream. 

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