Meet the team 


Joanne and Samantha have worked together for over 20 years. During this time friends and family have often asked them to assist with weddings, and despite protestation that "Weddings are not our thing" they found out that Weddings were absolutely their thing. And so Pink Flamingo Weddings was born. 

Supporting the dynamic duo in the Pink Flamingo Wedding Event division of Jam Events are a number of incredible humans who are all there to make your day just a little easier and a whole lot more special. 

Andi Roberts: Bridal Assistant. The lovely Andi is there for you. He job is to make sure that whatever you want on the day, she makes sure you get. Well whatever you want that is legal:) 

Thabo Tsatsi and Mark Shute: Technical dudes. Thabo and Mark are there to make sure that the microphones work for speeches, the DJ has his power and the lighting is just perfect on the Bridal table. And the live screening during lockdown goes to all your friends and family.

Charmaine Strutt: Charmaine is in charge of all things delectable. All things. Including the wedding cake. With an added side in table decor and flower arranging.

Lynn Driver: Lynn is designer extraordinaire. Whatever you want to wear, she's got you covered. 

Thula Cruickshank: He is the master choreographer for the first dance.

Ciara McGrath: The unofficial off the record photographer.

This team have worked together for many years and as a team are pretty unbeatable. More than that, on most important day of your life, they will have your backs. Both of you.