Jo & Sam = Jam


JAM Events was formed in 2006 when Joanne Jaques and  SAMantha McGrath  joined forces and came up with a new company brand, using an amalgamation of their names. The company is the leading expert in live orchestral events in South Africa.



The companies credential and attention to detail is impeccable and this is reflected in the number of repeat clients who employ their services for their annual events. JAM Events are a local is lekker, positively South African company with a collective experience of over 3 decades.



The Jam girls believe that their clients, and the artists that they work with, are so much more than a means to an end. Partnerships are created and regardless of the event, the team are committed to achieving extraordinary results for every unique event produced for their clients.

Each and every event is a journey focused on the clients ultimate vision. The company is flexible, innovative and tireless in their drive to expand their creative boundaries.



Based in Johannesburg, JAM Events travel the country and its neighbours, wherever the work takes them. JAM Events are resourceful, dedicated, inspired, thrive on diversity and are fearless – no event is too big or too small for this hardworking team.